Moving Day Etiquette

Movers are there to help you through some of the most exciting and challenging times. Yet, customers often ask how they can help movers and how they should interact with them. To offer some guidance, read below to help the movers perform the job safely,efficiently, and comfortably.

Meet your moving crew

Take the time to introduce yourself and meet your moving crew. Remember, these are the people that will be helping you along the way and will be moving your most cherished belongings. Movers work extremely hard day in and day out, often working several jobs per day, and will appreciate getting to know the people they help along the way.

Provide Essentials

Having access to essentials such as water and access to a restroom can make a huge difference for a mover, especially if they are on the job for hours. Although you are not entitled to do this, movers really appreciate the hospitality as their jobs are physically demanding and proper hydration is vital for a safe move. If you have already packed your bathroom, provide hand sanitizer and paper towels for proper hygiene. This will eliminate the need for movers to drive away from the job site to find a public restroom and save you valuable time from your move.

Keep kids and pets busy

Since moving day can be extremely busy for parents, they can often feel distracted or lose track of where their kids and pets are at, and who can blame them? They’ve got last minute packing, movers to guide, and moving trucks parked in their driveway. Not to mention last minute cleaning. Although we all love kids and cute pets, it is best to make arrangements with family, friends, or a kennel (for pets). This will help ensure that your kids are safe from heavy boxes they might be curious to climb or moving equipment that can be dangerous.

Hungry Movers?

A movers job requires A LOT of energy to carry heavy boxes, go up and down stairs, and everything in between. Customers often ask me, “should I provide movers with lunch or coffee?” My response is, although it is not by any means required, it is always appreciated by movers. It is a nice gesture that can make a difficult move more pleasant.

Moving in the California Heat

If you live in California, you know how hot it can get during the summer. At times, our temperatures can reach 100 degrees or more making it difficult for most of us to leave our couch because of the heat. Fortunately, there are movers that will leave the couch for us and move us out in no time! However, it is important to keep in mind that during extreme heat waves, movers may benefit greatly from fans and cold water. If you have a fan, leave it out for the movers, they will gladly pack it away just before departing and the cold water will keep them hydrated and cool and allow the movers to take 5-10 minute breaks every few hours to cool off and hydrate, especially during extreme heat.

Leave Positive Reviews

If you are happy with your moving crew, send them an email or leave a positive review online (Yelp, Homeadvisor, Google, or Facebook). Many movers are ranked by quality scores and reviews left by customers. Tips are appreciated too!

If you are unhappy with your service, let the mover know immediately if they are still on site or if they have left, give them a call and let them make it right for you. Often times, movers are happy to resolve any issues and want customers to be happy with the service.

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